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hp deskjet 3920 Blinking Lights
The printer lights indicate the printer status. These lights can be on, off, or blinking (flashing), depending on the status of the printer. The sections below describe the most common combinations of blinking lights, how to fix the issue, and how the issue is caused. 

Printer lights can can blink for more than one reason, so the solution can vary. These solutions need not be performed in a specific order, but solutions for the most common issues are presented first.
Blinking lights are often accompanied by an error message on the computer screen, which might help determine the solution. 
Close the cover.
Printer cover is open. 
Insert appropriate media in the In tray.
The printer is out of paper. 
Change the printer's print mode setting.
Change the printer's paper type selection.
Use a different brand of label media.
The printer has difficulty picking up label media. 
Follow each of these steps until the problem is resolved:
Remove the paper from both paper trays.
Press the power button once. Wait a moment for the paper jam to clear.
If printing labels, verify that a label did not become detached while passing through the printer. If the paper jam was not resolved, continue on to the next steps.
Remove the rear access door.
Remove the paper jam through the opening at the back of the printer. 
Replace the rear access door.
Reload the paper into the paper In tray. 
Print the document.
There is a paper jam. 
Follow each of these steps until the problem is resolved:
Remove and then reinsert the print cartridge(s) into the printer. 
Clean the print cartridges automatically using the Clean Cartridges option in the Printer Assistant. 
Manually clean the print cartridges and print cartridge cradles: 
Open the printer cover and wait until the carriage moves to the center. 
Press the Power button to turn off the printer.
Disconnect power cord from the back of the printer.
Remove the print cartridges and place them on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up.
Lightly moisten a cotton swab with distilled water. 
Clean the face and edges of the print cartridges with the swab. Do not touch the print cartridge ink nozzles or copper contacts. 
Wipe the underside of the print cartridge cradle walls using a clean, moistened swab. 
Reinsert the print cartridges. 
Close the printer cover. 
Connect the power cord to the back of the printer. 
Press the Power button to turn on the printer. 
Calibrate the print cartridges. 
If the light is still flashing, replace the print cartridges. 
There is a problem with a print cartridge. 
Print a printer self-test by holding the power button down with a pencil and opening and closing the top cover four times. 
Check the nozzle self-test pattern in the self-test print out. If one or more of the solid rectangular areas are missing, an electrical contact problem may be present.
Remove and then reinsert the print cartridge(s) into the printer.
Print the document.
If the problem persists, follow the steps listed above for cleaning the print cartridges and print cartridge cradle.
Try printing again. If the problem continues, replace the print cartridges.

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