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install two or more instances of the same printer
I would like to install 2 or more instances of the same printer (a PSC 1410 in my case) in order to be able to assign each a different printer preference, i.e. draft, colour, black & white, etc.
This way I could easily select the printer which matches the kind of printout I need, without having each time to enter the printers definition. How do I do it ? 
I have tried the "add device" option, but it doesnt install a second printer. Any ideas ?


Follow this link and install both the driver in a same way as you have to select the USB001(Virtual Printer port) port from the Port list.

These are the list of the pre-loaded driver which comes with Windows XP:

understand your idea and I had considered it before, but what I was looking for was to be able to select the kind of printing directly from the application and not having to go each time into printer preferences, even to select a task set

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